Even though Punxsutawney Phil may have predicted an early spring, Winter’s not over just yet.

Did you know grit tracked in from rain can have the same effect on stone floors as salt and sand do? To make sure our customers natural stone floors stay protected, we’ve put together some quick tips so that you can take the necessary steps during any upcoming rain or snow storms.

First, don’t hesitate to ask guests to take their shoes off upon entering your home.  Any sand, salt or slush on roadways, driveways and walkways can cause marble and natural stone floors to react poorly which could cause you to need a restoration as the grit from the sand and salt can scratch, erode, or etch the protective finish from your floor. If you don’t feel comfortable asking people to remove their shoes, get creative with rugs and decorative floor mats in high traffic areas!

Even if it’s the only thing you want to do, try to resist the urge to mop. Wet sand and dirt are harder to remove and can cause more damage.  Instead wait until the floors are dry and then gently sweep the grit and dirt off your floors to prevent scratching.

As always, each stone type has a specific process that needs to be followed for serious damage, which is why it’s important to call a qualified stone care professional to assess all stone damage.  Not sure which cleaners are best for your stone? Ask the professionals! Here at Zoltan Stoneworks, we specialize in installation, polishing, repair, sealing, cleaning and renovation of marble, granite, terrazzo and other natural stone tile and solid surfaces. We’re locally owned and managed, trained in some of the finest old-world stone restoration techniques and guarantee our best work the first time around. Let’s get your project started! Contact Zoltan directly at (202) 400-1541 or click here for a quote!