ZSW recently got a call asking us to do what we do best, bring a stone floor back to life. For year, this office building in Downtown DC has been waxing over their black slate tile floor trying to keep it protected. Instead, the wax kept chipping and fading which didn’t highlight the natural beauty of the stone. Our team went in and assessed the floor to figure out the best course of action before we got to work. We used a heavy duty stripper to remove all of the wax and wax residue on the floor. We then washed it with a neutral cleaner to make sure we didn’t damage the tile, but had gotten any and all residue off the floor. We then used a variety of vortex pads to bring the maximum shine out of the black slate so that the tiles really shined, however slate is not meant to be left shiny in the traditional way you’d think. So, once the floor was polished we used an MB 21 enhanced sealer to seal the floor and bring the beauty of the stone back in a stunning matte finish.

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