We’re back in business doing what we do best, and when a client called in need of a fireplace restoration as they were getting ready to sell their home, we couldn’t wait to get started!

Located in Georgetown, DC, this black soapstone fireplace hearth needed to be resurfaced and sealed for it’s natural beauty to really shine. 

Soapstone is an elegant, durable stone used throughout both residential and commercial properties due to it’s easy to maintain nature and natural beauty. Since it also responds well to restoration techniques, our team was able to go through the steps of our regular restoration process and get fantastic results. 

First, we use our 120 Grit Diamond Pads to grind down the surface layer of the stone to remove any etch marks or scratches. Once the surface of the stone was smooth and any trace of damage was removed, we went in with our #2 and #3 Vortex Pads to bring out as much shine as possible. Since soapstone isn’t a very shiny stone by nature, we then applied a sealer on top to protect the stone and enhance the color and shine. 

Are you getting your home ready to sell? Maybe you just purchased a new home that needs a little love, or quarantine took a toll on your natural stone counter tops and floors. No matter the reason, Zoltan Stone Restoration is here to help! Give Zoltan a call today to get started.