Most of the time, you hear us talk about stone restoration jobs due to natural wear and tear or the accidental use of an incorrect cleaning product, but what about the jobs where other contractors themselves are the ones causing damage? Recently, we got a call from a customer in Georgetown, Washington DC who was having some work done in their home and their newly installed bluestone flooring took a beating in the process.

Not to be confused with slate, bluestone is formed by the fusing of particles deposited by oceans and tidal patterns over time. As you can see, the stone itself is beautiful and can also be hard to find as bluestone is only available from certain parts of North America.

For this job, we started with our lowest grit pad to remove all signs of damage and all of the seemingly small scratches that would dull the overalls appearance of the stone. Then, we used 120-230 resin diamond pads to make sure the surface was smooth before switching over to our trusted #1 and #2 grade Diamond Impregnated Pads (DIPs) to hone the floor to the customer’s liking, giving it the perfect sheen. After the damage had been removed and the floor had been polished, we finished the job with an MB-21 Enhance sealer. Both a stone color enhancer and a sealant, MB-21 provides optimum sealing capabilities, protecting against oil and water-based staining agents, which works well since this flooring is located in a bathroom, and brings out the beautiful natural coloring of the stone.

Spring is coming and with things looking hopeful for the summer, Zoltan Stone Restoration is proud to be trained in some of the finest old-world marble and stone restoration techniques. Locally managed and owned, we’ve serviced customers all over metro Washington D.C., including Annapolis, Great Falls, Bethesda, McLean, Maryland, Virginia, down the Potomac, and are now excited to announce our new extended service areas into Columbia, Baltimore, Howard County, and Montgomery County! By putting safety at the forefront of what we do we’re able to give our clients peace of mind while also offering them the best quality service possible.

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