Zoltan Stone Works most recent residential project in Baltimore, stone sales MD was to convert high polish marble kitchen counter into a honed or a high honed look.  The client wanted the counter top honed because there were too many etches from everyday use. The honed marble will still show etch marks but not as noticeably as the polish finish. Also, cialis generic the trend today is for the classier look for honed marble counters.

Because Carrera marble is a soft stone, it is prone to scratches and spots. These spots are called etches and appear as dull areas. Any acid such as lemon juice or tomato sauce can cause etches. They are not stains but actual changes in the stone making the affected area dull. Honed marble creates a soft, matte finish which blends etches and scratches and makes a more livable, natural counter surface than highly polished stone.

The first step is to break the gloss by using an aggressive grit diamond #50 or #120. The glossy surface i grounded section by section until the surface appears dull. Water added to the diamond pad cuts better and doesn’t create dust. Once the gloss is totally gone, it is honed marble. There are 3 levels of honed marble; low, medium and high. The high honed look is not shiny, but it does show reflection. Zoltan Stone Works offer many services for existing stone surfaces in your home or business as well as installation of new stone. Please call for a free consultation #202-400-1541.