Natural stone is a popular choice for today’s interior design. It offers permanence and authenticity as well as providing color, texture and value to a property. Homeowners have a variety of natural stones to choose from like granite and marble. The first thoughts when choosing a stone is how it fits the homeowners’ needs, budget, and purpose.

There are a variety of natural stones.

Granite is often a first choice as it is a hard, durable material. It can withstand  high heat, and is stain and scratch resistant. Granite is used in all areas of construction from floors to fireplaces, and used for indoor and outdoor applications. Granite comes from many places in the world and in hundreds of colors and patterns. No two slabs are the same.

Marble is also a popular choice for homeowners. It has been used for centuries and is quarried all over the world. There are a variety of shades of color, and its veins of mineral deposits creates interesting and distinct patterns. It is susceptible to staining and etching.

Limestone is another natural stone that actually improves with age. It color softens and its surface develops a beautiful patina. Limestone has a consistent look no matter what its origins are.

Travertine is another natural stone that is popular in today’s home designs. Formed in hot springs or limestone caves, travertine is characterized by tiny holes made by carbon dioxide evasion.

Slate is a rock that is dense, strong and non-absorptive. It has been used in exterior and interior construction for hundreds of years. North American slate can come in many shades of black, gray, green, purple and red. Because of its durability and stain resistant qualities, it can be used in many different applications.

Onyx and sandstone are two other possible choices. Onyx’s chief characteristic is its translucence due to quartz crystals, but it is a more delicate stone and requires  maintenance. Sandstone has a more uniform texture, low absorption rate,  and is aesthetically pleasing.

Regardless of the choice and application of a natural stone, spills should be wiped up immediately and surface grit removed. Each stone has its own personality and adds its individual beauty and function to a home.

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