Clearstone Marble Coating of DC and Maryland

Hygenic – No Etching – No Staining – 100% Guaranteed for 10 years

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Who Uses Clearstone?

Clearstone allows architects, designers and homeowners the freedom to use marble, limestone, sandstone, and other stones for their beauty and opulent characteristics.

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Protect your matte or polished marble from wine, lemon, acids - even permanent marker!

No – It’s not a sealer.

Clearstone is an impervious 2mm permanent, protective
coating for natural stone, that protects like no other product.

The perfect finish for every situation.

Clearstone will not change the color or beauty of natural stone and provides the perfect finish from honed right through to high gloss.  It is also easily repolished should your client want to freshen up their benchtop.

Easy spot repair of impact damage, cuts and scratches.

Repairs are a breeze with Clearstone. The generous 2mm coating means that spot repairs are undetectable and cuts and scratches buff right out.


Clearstone offer a full 10 year manufacturer’s warranty against etching and staining. That’s real peace of mind for you.

Only available from certified stone professionals

Clearstone may only be sold and applied by fully qualified professional applicators. Zoltan Stone provides Clearstone services to the Washington D.C. and Maryland area. Call (202)400-1541 for a quote today!