Zoltan Stoneworks was asked to work on a project updating a historical condominium foyer in Old City Philadelphia, PA , 25 unit residence. Old City is a neighborhood in Center City of Philadelphia. The area is near the Delaware River where William Penn and the Quakers first settled. To tourists, this is best known as the site of Independence Hall and its encompassing Independence National Historical Park, Elfreth’s Alley, Carpenters’ Hall, the Betsy Ross House, and many more of Philadelphia’s other historic sites.

The condominium board had asked that the old ceramic tile be replaced with a natural stone product that would hide dirt from everyone entering and leaving the foyer, and reduce the effects of the traffic over time. The tile Zoltan Stoneworks decided to use was a multi color Travertine tile. This Travertine tile has a rustic chiseled edge which matches nicely with the outside of the historical building. There were several important steps in the demolition process. The first step was to use a heavy duty machine to remove the old tiles. Most likely the previous contractors used an epoxy setting material, so it was really hard to remove all the tiles and glue from the subfloor. Once this was removed, we could start the process of replacing the tile. We removed each tile then had to re-sand the floor before adding the new tiles. We also tiled the adjacent walls to height of 36 inches. The new tiles on the walls needed to be aligned with the new step tiles. The main challenge in this project was working around the residents who needed to enter and leave their condominiums. We completed one side of the foyer and then the other in order to accommodate the traffic.

The end result was beautiful and had an updated look to it. The condominium board and the residents who live there thought the job turned out really nice, almost like walking into a different building. The residents were very happy about the results because they felt the whole lobby looked more high-end. Also, because a multi color stone was chosen in a brownish tone, it will hide the dirt especially in winter when people drag in snow and slush from their shoes.

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