One of our favorite things about working with stone is the variety in color we see everyday. From bright, light marbles, to darker, elegant stone types, there’s a beauty that comes with natural stone that you can’t find anywhere else.

With this particular job, we got called into a customer’s home in Dupont Circle to take care of their beautiful countertops that hadn’t gotten the full glamour treatment in about 13 years. Since we were working with a darker stone and it had been so long since it had been taken care of, we went in and did a full 5 step restoration. We started with a coarse, 120 grit diamond pad to completely erase any and all scratches that may have been hidden in the stone and worked it all the way up to an 800 grit diamond pad to smooth it all out.

When working with dark stone in particular, skipping or cutting down any diamond pad steps to speed the process along is a big mistake because the clarity of the stone will take the hit. Here at Zoltan Stoneworks, we never skip a step because we want to make sure that the stone is as stunning as possible and that the quality of our work meets our standards and exceeds our client’s expectations. 

If you have a home you recently purchased to renovate with natural stone features, or even a bathroom vanity that needs a little TLC, we’ve got you covered. No matter the job, big or small, Zoltan Stoneworks can handle them all! Call Zoltan today at (202) 400-1541 for a quote!