We just love natural stone bathrooms, especially when the stone used is one as elegant as Crema Marfil Marble . This customer in Chevy Chase, DC needed their vanity top restored. Since the bathroom is a generally high traffic area, this vanity top sees a lot of use daily. From makeup to hair and skin care products, the residue can get ground into the stone and dull its natural beauty. 

So, what can you do in that situation? Surely you wouldn’t replace it, you’d restore it! Stone restoration involves the removal of scratches and/or damage from the surface of the stone by means of mechanical abrasion or diamond grinding, and following with a coat of sealant for shine and protection. 

In this case, we used our  4 Step Diamond Restoration process which calls for the use of different pads in different grit grades to be used on the surface and hone down the dull stone. Once the damage is removed, the stone is then sealed to protect it and topped off with a polishing powder. This customer requested a high shine, so we used our 5X polishing powder to achieve the level of shine they wanted and we love how it turned out! 

Being the textured, creamy beige stone that it is, Crema Marfil Marble showcases soft streaks of beautiful gold, cinnamon and white tones that cause it to be a favorite for interior designers as it’s adaptable and compliments almost any room. 

Natural stone brings a level of elegance to kitchens, bathrooms and foyers that can’t be replicated by any other material. Our team at Zoltan Stone Restoration is trained in some of the finest old-world stone restoration techniques and we guarantee our best work the first time around. Give Zoltan a call at (202) 400-1541 to schedule your next stone restoration appointment!