Zoltan Stoneworks completed a bathroom floor project in Annapolis, MD. The bathroom area that we treated was 40 square feet and the floor was made up of a Crema Marfil stone from Spain. It is a classic cream marble with tan undertones. This stone is best for indoor bathroom and kitchen applications, such as backsplashes, flooring, countertops, and wall coverings.

The stone was very scratched for being a relatively new floor. The homeowners’ housekeeper tried to clean some tiles with soft scrub and  permanently etched the floor making it worse. At this stage, the whole marble had to be ground down and honed to get rid of the etch marks. We knew the only way we would be successful was to follow the proper steps. First, we cleaned the floor with a neutral cleaner to pick up any dust particles. For this job we decided to start with a 100 grid which is very aggressive.  One of the marble tiles had an incredibly deep etch mark that could possibly not be able to come out. After we used the 100 diamond grid, the floor looked spotless but very dull. It’s a good sign if it looks like that because that is the way it is suppose to look. After we used a 100 diamond grid, we next continued the process with 220/ 400. When we’re dealing with light marble like this, we can stop at 400 grid.  At this point, the marble begins to get a little reflection but still very far from glossy. Then we used a hog hair pad for our 17″ machine and 5X polishing powder imported from Italy. This is the best polishing powder on the market. We kept the machine for 3 minutes on 10 square foot area, then kept polishing over another 10 square foot for 3 minutes. After the marble had the perfect degree of shine, we did a scrub wash with a white pad to make sure that all the 5X powder was washed off. The homeowners were very pleased with the restoration of their marble bath floor.

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