Slate is an excellent flooring material, among other things. It has an extremely low water absorption index making the material waterproof. Natural slate is used by building professionals as a result of its beauty and durability.

In Potomac, MD, our client’s slate was dulled during construction and their first thought was to replace it, but as a last ditch effort they called Zoltan Stone Restoration to see if the floors could be saved. Our answer was “Yes, yes, yes!” – the client was thrilled with the end result and we have another happy client.

Slate is incredibly durable and can last several hundred years, often with little or no maintenance. Its low water absorption makes it very resistant to frost damage and breakage due to freezing. Natural slate is also fire resistant and energy efficient. We’re glad our client was able to salvage these great floors with all their utility and at a fraction of the price of stone tile replacement.

If you have slate floors, terrazzo, marble or other natural stone that needs some TLC, call Zoltan today at (202) 400-1541.