Zoltan Stone Works was consulted by an Annapolis homeowner concerning the rejuvenation of the Golden Sienna Travertine in her master bath. Over the years the shine had disappeared and it had noticeable scratches. Someone had suggested a heavy enhanced sealer that only added to the problems with the dullness of the tile.
Our first step was to strip off the heavy sealer. Once sealer free, best cialis a 17″ machine with 220/440 diamond grid was used to hone the stone. This process removed any etch marks and scratches. Finally, a  5X polishing powder was used to restore the desired high gloss finish. This 180 square foot project took one day including replacing the baseboards. The difference before and after was a tremendous transformation.

The homeowner was amazed at the the results. Golden Sienna Travertine comes in many different warm hues and can be styled in large tiles to small mosaics. This is a popular stone is used for flooring, stairs, walls and decorative trims. When sealing stone, it is important to not use too much sealer and to spread it evenly to prevent puddling.

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