Do you hate dirty grout lines? Do you scrub and scrub and scrub to try and get them bright white? Take a look at these floors we just brought back to life! Using the grout renew and color seal process, we were able to take those impossible to clean, dirty grout lines and make them sparkle like new in this client’s Baltimore, MD home.

By re-coloring and sealing the grout lines themselves, you get the effect of a brand new grout job without having to section off your floor for hours at a time and re-grout them. Since the sealant is already mixed into the solution, once your floors are dry you’re good to go! No chipping, no fading, no damage to your natural stone floors and cleaning becomes a breeze! Simply wipe down the grout lines with warm water and a mild detergent or non abrasive cleaner and you’ll be able to see the dirt wipe right off.

Give your grout lines some love with Zoltan Stone Restoration. Give our team a call today to set up your next appointment!