We recently got called in by one of our residential customers in Bethesda, MD for a complete grout recoloring and restoration on their floors!

Travertine is a type of limestone that forms around mineral spring deposits with natural color variations that ensure no two stones will be exactly the same. As a flooring material, it is very durable and long lasting when taken care of properly and comes in a variety of earth tone colors, that give consumers many options when choosing color schemes for their stone project. This client of ours chose the classic and elegant “french pattern” which refers to the specific way the different sized tiles are arranged on the floor. 

This was a complete restoration job that consisted of two parts – grout recoloring and the floor restoration itself. 

Over time the grout lines in a floor will darken due to dirt and natural wear. When the grout cannot be cleaned well enough to bring it back to its original appearance there’s the option of grout recoloring. Grout recoloring is a process where the grout is given a thorough cleaning with heavy duty industrial strength cleaners to remove any residue that may be stuck in the grout lines. Then, a grout colorant is applied to brighten up the old grout and bring it back to it’s original glory! This process is permanent and the floors can be walked on as soon as two hours after the process has been completed. 

For the restoration part of the job, we used our standard 4 Step Diamond Restoration process and gave the floor a high honed finish. 

From residential homes to commercial buildings to hotels, Zoltan Stone Restoration is proud to be trained in some of the finest old-world marble and stone restoration techniques. We expertly polish, repair, seal, clean and renovate marble, granite, terrazzo, tile and other natural stone on a variety of surfaces from stairs to floors, counters, and tabletops! Guaranteed to put out our best work the first time around, our team is continually learning the newest tricks of the trade to produce their best work that meets both our standards and the client’s expectations.