Marble and granite countertops are beautiful, elegant ways to elevate the wow factor in your kitchen and it’s easy to see why! The natural stone itself is stunning, and when paired with an open kitchen with alot of light, the aesthetic gets brought to a whole new level. 

But with these great stone types in your common living spaces, it raises the question “How do we actually care for these countertops, should they be sealed?” and, to be frank, there’s a decent amount of controversy over whether or not to seal marble and granite countertops, with what product, and how often. 

First, you should do a simple test to see if your stone is already sealed. Keep in mind that the ability to absorb sealer varies from stone type to stone type as each stone has a different level of porosity.  

To start, pour a tablespoon of regular tap water onto the counter and let it sit for 10-15 minutes.

Wipe away water with a dry cloth and check where the water was. Is there a darkening of the stone? If yes, your counters could use a sealant to keep them protected. If color hasn’t changed, the stone is sealed, protected, and ready to go!

Most granite, by nature,  is very dense and doesn’t need as much sealer to protect it as marble does, and granite can normally go longer in between re-applications.  There are even certain types of granite such as Black Absolute that shouldn’t be sealed at all! Marble, on the other hand, especially the lighter colors, is naturally softer and more porous and will almost always benefit from sealing. 

The job of the sealer is to protect the stone from staining, but it’s important to note that sealer, by nature, does not protect your natural stone from acid-etching. For example, if a glass of red wine gets spilled on a white marble counter, a sealed counter won’t absorb the red wine into the marble leaving a stain, but it may etch the marble if the spill is not cleaned properly. 

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