Looking to keep your natural stone surfaces looking great? Choosing the right sealer is key. Here’s how:

1. Know Your Stone: Understand what type of stone you have to pick the right sealer.

2. Types of Sealers: There are two main types—penetrating and topical. Penetrating goes inside the stone, while topical sits on the surface.

3. Location Matters: Consider if your stone is indoors or outdoors, as this affects the sealer you need.

4. Gloss or Matte? Decide if you want a shiny or more natural look for your stone.

5. Test It Out: Before applying the sealer, do a small test to see how it looks.

6. Maintenance: Some sealers need more upkeep than others, so consider this before choosing.

7. Follow Instructions: Always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for best results.

By following these steps, you can ensure your natural stone surfaces stay beautiful for years to come!


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