Zoltan Stone was recently hired to restore the floors in a beautiful all marble bathroom in Owing Mills, MD. These black and white marble floors needed to be cleaned and polished to  ensure that the contrast was as beautiful and striking as they were when first installed. The marble surfaces hadn’t been restored in more than ten years so they were the perfect candidate for our stone restoration program.

With very little  shine left, we used a honing regiment of 220, 400, and then 800 grit pads to strip the floors of years of wear. After the honing process, we were able to bring the natural colors out of the black and white marble and used a 5X polishing powder to give the floors a beautiful glossy finish.


When it comes to natural stone, maintenance of floors can sometimes be overlooked due to the common misconception that once a floor is sealed, no further care is required. Regular stone maintenance is a sure-fire way to protect your investment and keep your marble floors sparkling for years to come. At Zoltan Stone we use the finest materials, proven techniques and the most qualified technicians to ensure that every job is completed with the utmost care and we guarantee the quality our work will exceed your expectations.

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