Zoltan Stone Works completed a restoration project of a master bathroom floor in a residential home in Annapolis, MD. The marble floors had been very neglected for years; therefore, a full restoration was needed. The floors were very dull and had no reflection left.

The process started with a 120 grid diamond pad to remove deep scratches. The next step used a 220/400 honing process. Finally  an Italian polishing powder was applied to give the final touch.

Marble flooring requires special attention. Be careful with cleaning products in bathrooms because most cleaning products have ingredients that can harm the marble. If toilet bowl cleaners have lemon or lime scent, it will etch your marble if cleaner drips on the marble. Citric acid is the worst for any marble product. Also, if the marble totally looses the shine, it will take more steps to restore the floor to its original condition. More steps used, more time it will take for the restoration, and it will be a more expensive restoration .

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