While we regularly talk about residential jobs, our team also does lots of work in the commercial space, such as this job at an office building in Fairfax, VA. This office building was made up of over 200 different offices with the main foyer spanning is the length of a city block, about 2000 square feet. We were hired for this job to do Marble Maintenance which means that after a full restoration, our team goes back every 3 months to use either a crystallization method or a 1 step polishing process with 5X polishing powder to bring the shine back to the marble. If this process isn’t completed on a regular schedule, over time the floors will dull drastically. If the maintenance plan is completed every 3 months as scheduled, we can guarantee that the floor won’t require a  full 4 step restoration crystallization process again.

This process can take up to 5 hours to complete, but is worth every second. In this process, we first use a 17″ steel wool pad on the buffer machine and a crystallizer spray under the pad while the machine is running. Only one pump of crystallizer is required for each 20 square foot section of floor we treat, no more. It is important to note that this process should be done only by stone care professionals as crystallization is not recommended too often. It can easily clog the pores of the stone is not used correctly which can cause the stone to start breaking down from the inside out. After the crystallization process, we then go in with the polishing powder to buff the stone to the perfect shine, leaving the floor’s gleaming.

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