cialis canada ‘Times New Roman’, cialis canada Times, serif;”>Zoltan Stone Works recently restored Navona Marble floors in the master bathroom in a home in Potomac, MD. The marble  floors hadn’t been touched in 15 years when the house was built. Now the homeowners were looking to sell and needed them to look their best. This was a complex job with a wide range of restoration that needed to be done. The floors had no shine left on the marble.

The very first step of this  restoration was to clean the floor with neutral cleaner to remove all dust and dirt. This is important because when starting to hone the surface with diamond grit, we do not want to cause  bigger scratches on the marble. We began with  50, the lowest grit diamond. This diamond removes the most amount of stone material and will remove most of the deep scratches. After this process, the stone feels like velvet, very smooth. After every diamond cut, we vacuum up all the slurry and then  mop with a neutral cleaner, and repeat. After  the next diamond cut, we used 120 grit. The same method is repeated until  the desired honed finish is achieved. Darker marble needs more steps in the honing processes. Once the surface is honed, the stone will begin to reflect nicely. At this point, the Navona Marble is ready for the polishing process. 


The polishing process required multiple steps to bring the an ultimate gloss to the stone. The first step used 2.5 ounces of polishing powder and water on the marble and then the polishing machine was held for 4 minutes on each 10 square feet. Although this is a slow process, the results are worth the time and effort. The transformation was incredible. The homeowners were greatly impressed by the results achieved by Zoltan Stone Works. Please call for a free consultantion #202-400-1541.