There is no question that Rojo Alicante marble floors make a statement. This classic red marble has been used in high end homes, buildings and commercial spaces is mined from the Iberic Peninsula and has been quarried for hundreds of years. The stone has some darker fossils and white veins that make it really beautiful and polishes up incredibly well.

Rojo alicante ideas & inspiration

Recently, Zoltan Stone Restoration was hired to restore this incredible marble floor in DC’s historic Georgetown neighborhood.

For this job, we started with our lowest grit pad to remove all signs of damage and all of the microscratches that dull the overalls appearance of the stone. Then, we used 120-230 resin diamond pads to make sure the surface was smooth before switching over to our trusted #1 and #2 grade Diamond Impregnated Pads (DIPs) to hone the floor to the customer’s liking, giving it the perfect sheen.

The client was thrilled! If you are looking to have your marble floors, granite kitchens, soapstone bar tops or any other natural stone restored in the DC & Maryland areas – give us a call! 1-202-400-1541