It’s about that time of year again!  Did you know Zoltan Stoneworks does regular, scheduled maintenance on top of one-off jobs? We have a long time customer in Northwest DC who calls us in once a year to restore her kitchen floors. This striking black marble used in her kitchen was imported directly from Spain, and she’s always trusted us here at Zoltan Stoneworks to keep it looking its best.

Black marble is a relatively softer marble than most, meaning that keeping it etch and stain free can be difficult, especially in a high traffic area such as a kitchen. Since the marble is so dark, we use a range of higher grit polishing pads to finely polish the dark stone down to achieve the desired gloss, ensuring that the stone’s natural beauty comes through and that the customer is happy with the results.

At our last maintenance visit, we polished the stone to the highest gloss that we could, locking the pores of the stone closed and used a penetrating sealer to get into any small areas that needed it. This extends the life of the sealant a little bit longer, and keeps the floors shining beautifully.

Get your next project started with Zoltan Stoneworks today, and your kitchen floors will be ready for hosting in no time! Contact Zoltan directly (202) 400-1541!