A private home in Georgetown, generic stone  DC was the most recent restoration project done by Zoltan Stoneworks. The marble floor in the grand foyer needed restoration including the regrouting of the joints between the marble tiles with white non-sanded grout.The project also required marble scratch removal and the four step refinishing process to produce a high gloss finish.

Because the grout was replaced, the project required multiple days. First the old grout had to be removed  using a triangular carbide tip hand tool. The tip of the tool is placed on the grout line and pushed forward applying pressure to the handle so it will remove the old grout. We must be in control of the tip otherwise it might jump out of the grout line and scratch the marble. Once the old grout is released from the lines, it is vacuumed and the marble is cleaned really well so the new grout can grab the line. Then the new grout is applied as in any other grouting project. The new grout needed to dry overnight, and the next day we completed the usual four step scratch removal and polishing process. Contact Zoltan Stoneworks for a free consultaion 1(202)-400-1541