Zoltan Stone Works completed a master bath installation in private home in Potomac, Maryland. It was the latest project done by Zoltan Stoneworks. The homeowners chose white Carrera marble tiles that were 24 inches by 12 inches which were mixed with  6 inch by 24 inch honed marble inserts. The inserts created an interesting pattern in the shower area, mixing the high gloss large marble tiles with the rectangular honed inserts. A shampoo box with two shelves of the same marble and a window box effect was included, and all the edges were trimmed with marble 1/2 inch half round trim pieces, occasionally called “pencils”. White grout was then used to provide a cleaner, sharper look to the shower. The homeowners were thrilled with how it looked when finished.

The builder had installed the backer and had prepared the surface for waterproofing.  This is a very important part of the installation process. The walls are then treated with a waterproofing agent called ” red guard”.  Red guard is easy to apply and works very well. After when the backer board was installed and taped, the guard is simply rolled on with a painter’s roller. The top of all screws must also be covered with the waterproofing material. Red guard gives a 100% waterproof protection for the shower. Although this can a little pricy, it is worth it for the end result. Zoltan Stoneworks recommends using red guard wherever waterproofing is necessary. Because It dries over night, the rest of the tile installation can be started the next day. The entire shower installation in this master bath took about one week to finish.

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