Zoltan Stoneworks recently restored the entry foyer in Baltimore, MD on the beautiful Inner Harbor. This is a high end condominium complex. The hallway serpentine marble floor was so badly scratched and its finish had dulled dramatically over time. The client had really wanted a high-honed finish instead of a high gloss finish to the serpentine marble floor in hopes it would last longer. The area we worked on was 165 square feet and the tiles are 12×12 in size. The first step we had started with was the standard restoration process we had used a 120/220/400 grid to remove all damage and the scratches. Then we used a 120/220/400/800 grid honing process, and then 5X the polishing. On this serpentine marble, we have to go up to a 800 grid.

When working with any kind of the green serpentine marble it needs a higher polishing diamond. This is just the characteristics of this stone. Sometimes we have to go even higher because its a really tough stone to work with. Instead of using a polishing powder, we decided it was much better to used a vortex pad #1/2/3 . The #3 vortex pad is the last step we used to achieve the final high honed finish look that we wanted. After this step, the serpentine marble was then sealed to protect it from the wear and tear. The end result had an incredible shine to it and the client was thrilled with his serpentine marble floor.

The Inner Harbor of Baltimore is a historic seaport, tourist attraction, and landmark. The area known as the Inner Harbor includes the surrounding area and is within walking distance of Camden Yards and M&T Bank Stadium. The Inner Harbor of Baltimore  has became a model of urban planning and development. In recent years, the area along the waterfront to the east of the Inner Harbor has been developed with condominiums, retail space, restaurants, and hotels. This has become prime real estate for residential and commercial properties.
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