Another happy customer in Annapolis, MD! We recently got a call from a customer in the middle of some light renovations that had run into a problem. When she pulled up her area rug she noticed that someone had actually glued it down to the beautiful slate floor. Our team was quick to respond and get their hands on this one!

To start, we had to scrape off most of the glue (and some parts of the rug!).

Then we used a heavy duty stripping solution to get rid of the glue. It took our team 3 rounds of the solution to finally clear it all, but that’s ok. Slate is one of the most naturally durable stone flooring options available. Perfect for high traffic areas, slate floors can last for decades when properly maintained.

After all of the glue was removed, we washed and brushed the floor with a neutral cleaner and then used a high quality sealer to enhance the natural beauty of the stone!

We love the end result, and the customer did too! If you’re ready to love your stone again, give Zoltan Stone Restoration a call! We’re locally owned and managed, trained in some of the finest old-world stone restoration techniques and guarantee our best work the first time around. Let’s get your project started! Contact Zoltan today at (202) 400-1541