No matter the type of stone, we love a kitchen that showcases the beauty of natural stone. With natural stone, however, comes some responsibility in order to keep that stone gleaming like new. We recently got the chance to restore this beautiful soapstone island for a client in Maryland. 

Soapstone is a beautiful stone that brings a certain warmth and character to any space. A favorite of sculptors for centuries, soapstone is a relatively soft stone that contains talc which explains the soft feel of the stone. While some people choose a harder natural stone countertop, soapstone is actually extremely compact, more than marble or granite, which makes it less porous and therefore more sanitary and easier to clean.   


This particular client had a beautiful soapstone kitchen island that had not been restored in over 20 years. 20 years worth of wear and tear had made the stone very dull and required a full restoration. Our  team was able to remove the damage by using a variety of diamond vortex pads from 50 grit (the most coarse) to 1800 grit (which is much finer) and honing down the stone until all of the damage had been removed. Once the stone had been honed to perfection, our team prepped the stone and added an enhancer sealer on top to bring back the color and keep the stone protected. 

We know things are different this holiday season, but less entertaining gives our clients the opportunity to restore those countertops that have seen countless spills or reseal that bathroom floor that they’ve been putting off. From residential homes to commercial buildings and hotels, Zoltan Stone Restoration is proud to be trained in some of the finest old-world marble and stone restoration techniques. Locally managed and owned, we’ve serviced customers all over metro Washington D.C., including Annapolis, Great Falls, Bethesda, McLean, Maryland , Virginia, down the Potomac and are now excited to announce our new extended service areas into Columbia, Baltimore, Howard County and Montgomery County! By putting safety at the forefront of what we do we’re able to give our clients peace of mind while also offering them the best quality service possible.

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