Stone floors in your home are beautiful and may seem indestructible, but they do require care especially during the winter months. Here are some helpful tips you can use to keep those floors looking like new.

  1. The first solution to prevent the added dirt and grime to your floors is to ask everyone to remove his or her shoes when entering your home. If you don’t feel comfortable having guest remove their shoes, make sure you have plenty of door mats, and rugs in your entryways for people to wipe their feet on. When shoes are worn they track in dirt and sand, the bottoms of the shoes can act like sandpaper on a stone floor surface and over time will wear the polish right off. You will need to call a stone restoration professional and they can restore the polish using a number of different techniques depending on the severity of the damage.
  2. Decorative or seasonal floor mats can also add a festive touch to your home while protecting your stone.
  3. Frequent mopping and vacuuming as soon as possible will also help prevent damage try to resist mopping, just a gentle sweep of the grit and dirt as quickly as possible to prevent any scratching of the floors. The sand and salt can really scratch your floors or etch and erode the finish. Stone floors with the proper care will be beautiful for many years of use.

If you do the proper steps you can ensure a lifetime of beauty for your stone floors in your home. Stone floors will last a long time if they are taken care of.

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