Check out this transformation! Recently, we got a call from a customer in Virginia who’s housekeeper used a vinegar solution in an attempt to deep clean some marble floors. Since marble is such a soft stone and vinegar is so acidic, it etched the floors right away!

Could it be fixed? Absolutely. With our proven Four Step Diamond Restoration method, our team was able to remove the damage. Our four step process uses a variety of diamond vortex pads to remove the damage from the surface of the stone. Once all of the damage is removed, the stone is honed to the customer’s liking and then followed by a coat of sealant to keep the stone protected.



Remember, etches are surface damage caused by an acidic solution coming into contact with the stone, so be sure to pay attention to the ingredients in your trusted cleaning solution. Not sure what to use? We’ll let you in on a secret : you don’t need a special solution for your floors. Sudsy, mild soap and warm water work just fine! 

Preventative care and regular maintenance will keep your floors sparkling for years to come. Begin by gently sweeping the floors to remove any dirt or debris that may have collected on the floors so that it doesn’t get ground in and cause damage. Then, use a diluted mixture of a mild dish soap and warm water. Once you’ve cleaned the floor, we also recommend drying the floor using a soft towel to soak up any excess water that may be left on the floor so that it doesn’t cause a stain! 

Need professional help? Give us a call! We’re locally owned and managed, trained in some of the finest old-world stone restoration techniques and guarantee our best work the first time around. Contact Zoltan Stone Restoration at (202) 400-1541 today!