buy stone view VA” href=””>Italian Carrara Marble, mined in northern Tuscany, has been used in architecture and sculptures since Ancient Roman and Grecian times. The stone is a crystallized metamorphosed limestone and is desired for its clean, stone sale elegant qualities. As beautiful as it is, it is also a soft, porous stone requiring specialized care especially in restoration.

Zoltan Stone Works was hired to restore and replace 144 square feet of cracked White Carrara Marble in a five million dollar home in McLean, VA. Before any stone restoration or polishing could begin, we had to inspect the marble we would be working on. We basically looked for chipped, cracked or loose tiles and also for missing grout. It is important to check for these problem areas because while we are restoring, grinding, and polishing the floor, we use much water. We need to make sure the water doesn’t seep in between the cracks or grout because this could cause further substantial damage. First, we removed all grout from the grout line of adjacent tiles. If we don’t do this step, neighboring tiles could be easily chipped and damaged. Once the grout lines were clean, we cut diagonally into the marble. This process releases the tension between the tiles. After, with hammer and chisel, we removed all the broken pieces. We have to remove pieces deep enough, so the new marble will lay perfectly even. After the area is 100% clean, we applied the thinnest coverage of mortar mix. Next, we made sure there are no air pockets. After the installation is completed and the new marble is firmly set, we then grout the new lines.

Zoltan Stone Works has 22 years of tile and marble installation and restoration experience. We can replace or restore any kind of tile, marble, stone or slate in any shape or form. Please contact us with your project for a consultation 202-400-1541.