Zoltan Stone Works often adds the finishing touches to shower and bath installations, like our most recently work in a lovely residential home. This project took about 5 days to complete and involved medium Travertine tiles accented with  Golden Sienna inlays.  The owners also desired a shampoo box and a corner shelf  to be included .

A built-in shampoo box is a very popular option in the modern shower. It is unique, attractive and doesn’t take space away from the shower stall.  Usually the width of the box is 16 inches because it is placed between the studs for better support.  The height the box is set is determined by the owners and the designers. Often we include an interior shelf for storage of shampoo and other bath products. Waterproofing and drainage is also an important feature.

Tile and stone installation is a very complex procedure and takes many years of experience to know the proper layout, the exact cutting of the product and setting of the tile with the correct materials. After the grout is sealed and the stone is also enhanced with sealer. This will bring out the beauty of the stone. If it’s a natural stone shower, it should be resealed every 6 months to a year.

Travertine is usually cut as tiles and can have different finishes and a choice of colors. Because Travertine is porous in nature, the stone requires regular maintenance. Homeowners can choose color and sealants to enhance its beauty. Also additional features such as shampoo boxes, bench seats, and utility shelves can be fashioned for shower or tub areas.

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