Zoltan Stone Works’ most recent project was a total bathroom remodel in a residential Silver Springs, tadalafil Maryland home. We used Turkish Travertine, a Travertine chair rail, pebbles, slate in-lays and installed a Limestone seat in the shower.

Most bathroom remodels require five steps; demolition, plumbing and electrical work, tile prep work and waterproofing, tile and stone installation, and grouting, painting and finishing.

Demolition is always a dusty, dirty, and loud process; therefore, it’s important to protect furniture and other objects. We need to be very organized and careful when properly removing construction waste from the residence. When the walls are open and the studs exposed, the plumber and the electrician are called in to install all new plumbing, shower pan, and electrical units.

During the preparation process the new fiberglass and concrete boards are installed on top of studs using special concrete board screws. After that is done, the corners must be taped with fiberglass two-inch tape. This will prevent cracking the tile and stone. Tile and stone installation is a very complex procedure and takes many years of experience to know the proper layout, the exact cutting of the product and setting of the tile with the correct materials. The job could be ruined if the layout doesn’t come out perfectly.

When installing two stones, the tiles should never touch each other. We insert expansion joints because if two tiles are placed too tightly together, it could risk cracking the tiles. When comes to sharp factory edge travertine installation, it is crucial that surface is very even with no low and high areas. A perfect installation requires meticulous  work. Grouting is also a very important part of tile installation. This stage is more like artwork. A good installer makes sure that the grout is squeezed all the way into the gaps and is evenly shaped with just a slight indentation between tiles.

To complete the remodel, the plumber has to come back and install all the fixtures back including the toilet. The grout needs to cure for at least 10 days order to let all the moisture escape. Then the grout is sealed and the stone is also enhanced with sealer. This will bring out the beauty of the stone. If it’s a natural stone shower, it should be resealed every 6 months to a year.

Travertine is a stone mined in many countries and used in buildings as ancient as the Roman Coliseum to the modern Getty Theater in Los Angeles. It is now a very popular natural stone for patios, facades, flooring, and bathrooms. Although its porous nature gives Travertine its distinct beauty, the stone does require regular maintenance. Usually cut as tiles, the stone can have several different finishes and comes in a variety of colors. Sealing the stones often enhances its color.

 Zoltan Stone Works has 22 years of tile and marble installation and restoration experience. We can replace or restore any kind of tile, marble, stone or slate in any shape or form. Please contact us with your project for a consultation 202-400-1541.